IO1: My Digital Class

It will present common learning outcomes, content & activities for Science, Mathematics and English lessons and a digital platform.

This Framework has been created based on the desk research results by partners. Analysis of the curricula in the (Science, Mathematics, English) classes in the partner countries, analysis of distance education practices applied in partner countries in the Covid-19 process and analysis of important studies for quality and improvement in distance education were made by partners. 30 learning outcomes per subjects and the methodology to create the activities were defined.

This is a database created as an initial design of Digitasks created on the learning outcomes defined in the Framework. This is kept as an additional resource for teachers who wants to create their own Digitasks.

Digitasks are the interactive learning and assessment activities created for Science, Mathematics and English classes. 30 learning outcomes were defined per subject in the framework. They were created by using H5P tool. Each Digitasks include learning/teaching and assessment activity. In total, 30 Digitasks for English, 30 Digitasks for Mathematics and 30 Digitasks for Science were created. All these Digitasks are available in 5 languages (English, Turkish, Romanian, Bulgarian and Spanish) in Digitools Platform. It is possible to view the Digitasks by ‘log in as a guest’ option. If you want to use them directly on the platform, please register to the platform. 

This platform has been created as a part of IO1.My Digital Class output in this project. It includes the Digitasks created in this project.
It is possible to register to the platform. When you register, your profile will be  a student profile at first. If you want to have a teacher profile, please contact with  

IO2: Assessment and Evaluation Compass

This output includes a Framework  for Science, Mathematics and English lessons, Database, Digitasks, Digitools Platform as deliverables.

IO3: Teachers As Mentors Guidebook

It will be a guide of the digital coaching skills for teachers in digital education.

IO4: White Paper:Recommendations for Capacity Building in Digital Education:

The paper as a strategic and longer-term approach, provides suggestions for parents, teachers&school managers and the training institutions and decision makers.

Project Management Guide

This Project Management Guide has been prepared as a resource for the organizations who want to learn the keys of project management.